Special Session: LCA and Alternatives Assessment Workshop

Product stewardship pressures are increasing, requiring more holistic response to optimize commercial, compliance, and communal benefit.  Companies want to produce products that do not pose risks to their consumers or society while eliminating substitution remorse.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Alternatives Assessment are well-aligned in their lifecycle approach, but in order to meet the demands of chemical substitution rules, alternatives assessment can learn from LCA’s systematic approach. Drawing from established guidelines and collaborative systems, alternative assessment can leverage LCA to improve product portfolio risk management and determine “what matters” for not only hazards and exposures, but social and economic implications as well.

This workshop intends to facilitate interactive discussion and best practice sharing amongst LCA practitioners, alternatives assessment experts, and industry leaders.  Alternatives assessment experts and industry leaders will present brief presentations on their experiences with alternatives assessment to facilitate discussions on how the LCA community can support alternatives assessment and improve the use of LCA in alternatives assessment.

The results of the discussions will be used to develop a paper to be presented at the next year’s conference.

13:30 Elizabeth Meisner

Introduction and Current State of Alternatives Assessment

ABSTRACT. An introduction to Alternatives Assessment drivers, compliance issues, and current practices drawing upon Liz’s 26 years of experience in quantitative risk assessment, environmental compliance, and public health. This presentation will also provide an overview of the current state of alternatives assessment in the United States and in particular the state of California.

13:40 Mike Kirschner

Filling Alternatives Assessment’s Gaps to Provide Guidance to Industry

ABSTRACT. A review of the current gaps and needed guidance for industry in Alternatives Assessment drawing upon Mike’s expertise with the California EPA Department of Toxic Substance Control’s original Green Ribbon Science Panel, Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute Governing Board, and the ANSI Chemicals Network. This presentation will also provide specific examples from Mike’s 20 years of experience in the electronics industry.

13:50 Doug Mazeffa

Life Cycle Assessment as a Green Chemistry Tool and in Conjunction with Alternative Assessments

ABSTRACT. A review of an application of life cycle assessment (LCA) for assessing alternative chemicals. This presentation will also provide key challenges and specific Sherwin-Williams Case Studies utilizing LCA In alternatives assessment.