Why you should join:

  • Opportunities to network with peers and faculty
  • Meet professionals from industry, academics, consulting, government and NGO’s who were once where you are now
  • Increased visibility in the LCA community
  • Access to state of the art research, case studies, tools and resources in the application of LCA
  • Resources for identifying and developing career options LCA
  • If you apply for a volunteer opportunity to attend the LCA conference free of charge, your membership might tip the balance in your favor if all other qualifications among candidates are equal.

Student Members receive all of the following benefits:

  • Student discounts for publications, conferences and workshops
  • Participation in ACLCA Committee’s
    1. Education Committee
    2. Policy Committee
    3. Industry Committee
    4. Product Category Rule Committee (PCR)
  • Free access to four ACLCA webinars per year
  • ACLCA Newsletter Member Newsletter
  • Networking in the LCA community
  • Access to members only resources

Annual ACLCA Student Membership *$35
* One-year individual ACLCA student membership – to qualify as a student, you must be at least a half-time student.

Contribute to being a part of the ACLCA community by being a part of the ACLCA.